Treasury Continuity Service

Treasury Continuity Service

When your employees take vacations, or other forms of extended leave, it can be difficult to find the right treasury support with the right treasury knowledge to temporarily replace them. Fortunately, there is an efficient solution to this problem: you can outsource your treasury activities to our professionals on a subscription basis.


Treasury is a specialism. Treasury departments are sometimes manned by just a few people, which is wholly disproportional to the substantial impact that treasury activities can have. It can be risky for your treasury department to be undermanned, even if it’s only temporarily. But this risk can be mitigated by our Treasury Continuity Service, with which you can outsource some of your treasury activities to us, permanently or temporarily. You can even outsource all your treasury activities.

Knowledge and continuity

Treasury is such a rapidly changing discipline that it’s often difficult to stay up-to-speed on the latest developments and ensure that you remain in compliance with current legislation and regulations. In addition to carrying out your treasury activities with the utmost of care, our consultants will also flag up areas in your daily processes where there might be room for improvement. When you subscribe to our Treasury Continuity Service, the extensive and far-reaching knowledge and expertise of Zanders will be completely at your disposal.


In addition to providing the necessary employee capacity, subscription to Treasury Continuity Service also includes the use of an advanced Treasury management system (TMS): IntegrityTM developed by FIS. Depending on Excel for your treasury management activities exposes you to risks. When it comes to the careful, efficient and appropriate control of treasury activities, the use of a dedicated TMS is indispensable. The IntegrityTM TMS has already been configured by Zanders, which makes its implementation quick and efficient.

If you already have a TMS, we can check out how it can be optimally deployed.

The capacity, expertise and TMS are delivered on a monthly subscription basis. There are no start-up or implementation costs.

If you only want temporary support, click here for more information about our Interim Services.

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