Launch of Zanders Innovation Lab: Treasury outside-in(novation)
  • Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Launch of Zanders Innovation Lab: Treasury outside-in(novation)

The development of a new idea or solution is like growing flowers. Often it starts at the roots, within an organization. But it needs nutrition from the outside (water and sun) to grow. So, innovation starts inside but can never reach full growth without the interaction with the outside world of peers and “external insiders”. Probably most of our new solutions were nourished by the water and sun gained during challenging projects at our clients. In other words: our thought leadership is a result of both internal and external cooperation.

Most innovative ideas are born out of a combination of deep domain knowledge, practical experiences, creativity, and interaction. That is why we look to increase this innovative interaction. We would like to share our innovative thoughts with our clients on how to create best fitting solutions to deal with current and future challenges in treasury, risk and finance. In 2021, we will therefore invite you to participate in innovative co-creation sessions that we will organize: the Zanders Innovation Lab.

During these sessions, we will share our experiences and insights in emerging treasury technology, changing payment and bank connectivity infrastructure, data analysis and many other new challenges for the corporate treasury. Through a high level of interaction and blue-sky thinking, we will nourish the roots of both our ideas from both perspectives. Exchanging thoughts and ideas creates the strongest flowers. In other words, come and innovate with us!

We will keep you posted on this initiative. If you have any questions in advance, please do not hesitate to contact Sander van Tol for an interactive talk.