Team Zanders takes the Roparun 2018 challenge
  • Thursday, 22 March 2018

Team Zanders takes the Roparun 2018 challenge

Team Zanders #282 is ready for take-off! A run of three days, a minimum of 65 km per runner, from Paris to Rotterdam, facing all weather and road conditions After five years of absence our runners participated in the Roparun!

This challenge is called the Roparun: a relay race covering more than 500 kilometers from Paris and Hamburg to Rotterdam, where teams take part in the athletic event. The aim is to raise as much money as possible for the Roparun Foundation, which supports palliative care for cancer patients The organizers call the event ‘an adventure for life’. This is also clear from the motto, which for years has been: ‘Adding life to days, when days often can’t be added to life’. This year the event will take place during the Pentecost weekend, 19-21 May.

From Zanders we support the Roparun not only by running, but also by organizing various activities to collect donations for the Roparun Foundation. Via our dedicated Zanders Team page you can actively contribute by sponsoring a member of the team or by making a donation for the entire team.

For more information, to see what you can contribute as a sponsor, please check our Roparun page.