Cooperation with Capsearch
  • Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Cooperation with Capsearch

Zanders has announced its cooperation with fintech company Capsearch. The company, founded in 2016 by two former bankers, Arjan Buis and Max Henny, focuses on making the corporate finance market more efficient and transparent.

By means of an automated process via an online financing platform, Capsearch offers financiers and intermediaries a complete cloud solution for both SME and real estate financing. The credit rating for a loan application is added by Zanders.

SME’s account for around 70% of all employment in the Netherlands and make more than 60,000 credit requests yearly. In total, SMEs borrow €11-12 billion annually. For most companies these credits are essential for their growth. For real estate financing, some €13 billion was lent in 2017.

Within the cooperation, the innovative Zanders Inside tools are used, such as the Intercompany Rating & Pricing Tool (ICRP). This advanced tool has been made suitable for SME financing and integrated into the Capsearch software. The tool makes a clear and efficient analysis of the financial position of a company. Due to the Capsearch platform and the credit rating, the assessment of a credit application and risk analysis becomes considerably more efficient.