Zanders Risk Management Seminar 2022 – Thank You

We hope you enjoyed attending the Zanders Risk Management Seminar 2022 in our home city of Utrecht.

To show our gratitude for your presence, we have a gift for you! It won’t take up any space in your home but it will give you (and the rest of our earth) a little more oxygen… With this ‘Bosje Bomen’ we are restoring a piece of forest in the Atlantic Rainforest.

Naturally, we would love to talk to you further about sustainability risk, so feel free to reach out to Marije Wiersma, Sjoerd Blijlevens or give us a call via +31 (0)88 99 10 200. Please find relevant ESG related content articles on our website below:

Bunch of flowers for you

Message from the forest ranger (in Dutch)