Whitepaper The Future of Corporate Treasury

Whitepaper The Future of Corporate Treasury

Corporate treasury is skilled at dealing with change. A large part of its job is managing the risk associated with cyclical trends, global regulatory initiatives, and geopolitical and macroeconomic events.

The corporate treasury ecosystem now faces change of a different magnitude. The pace of change is only going to further accelerate as a result of the emergence of new technologies. A fundamental shift in its role, the tools at its disposal and its relationship with the business is underway.

This report, The Future of Corporate Treasury, addresses some of these issues and contains perspectives of Citi, Zanders and some technology firms. One of its conclusions is that corporate treasurers who recognize our transformative times, prepare to take advantage of change and manage its risks will be better positioned to support the business, the C-suite and the board, and thrive in the coming decades.

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