Trends in Treasury Universe 2017

embracing the new normal

Trends in Treasury Universe 2017

2016 was an eventful year for all corporate treasurers. Even though corporates were expecting a recovery from the crisis in previous years, new events came into the picture.

Another challenging year for the corporate treasurer lies in store. Not only the market is more demanding in terms of volatility that will keep the treasurers mind fully occupied, but new tools are here that can be leveraged to improve efficiency in treasury processes and to support strategic decision making. The geopolitical, technological, banking and legal landscape is also changing and is looking increasingly unlikely that stability will return to pre-crisis levels soon, if ever.

Treasury Trends 2017

The way forward is surely to take advantage of trends, accept this changing environment as the ‘new norm’ and to embrace the opportunity to strive for a step change that positions and future proofs treasury, not just as strategic advisor, but as an integrated business partner.

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