Results Global Treasury Benchmark Survey

Results Global Treasury Benchmark Survey

The majority of treasurers expect their department’s functions to expand for numerous reasons, such as regulatory changes and the need to increase business integration.

To accomplish this, treasurers envisage using technology to achieve more with less.

Zanders partnered with Reval for the 2nd annual Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey to give you the insights you need to plan ahead. From 10th November to 14th December 2016 treasury professionals from all industries, regions and company sizes took part in the online Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey which investigated the changing scope, challenges, and technology in the corporate treasury space. Participants could request a complimentary, personalized Benchmarking Report to compare the answers to the responses of their peers.

Based upon the results you can compare how your organizations stacks up to your peers on a regional and global scale and learn how technology is changing the treasury space.

The survey results, cover a range of topics, within findings such as:

44% of all companies use a Treasury Management System, but the Insurance industry is the most technologically adept: 59% of respondents use a TMS, the highest of any industry.

Global Treasury Benchmarking fig 1

The reign of Dodd-Frank and EMIR is over; IFRS 9 is the new #1 regulatory concern worldwide.

global treasury benckmarking survey fig 2

Most respondents expect the scope of treasury to increase, and a similar majority expects their Treasury team to stay the same size. An overwhelming majority agree that technology promotes change.

global treasury benckmarking survey fig 3

The survey results are available in a full report which you can download here.