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RAROS: the dynamic tool that boosts shareholder value

In this article, Job Wolters looks at how companies can gain detailed insight into the risk-adjusted profitability of individual projects and transactions, and explains how the Risk Adjusted Return On Sales (RAROS) concept can benefit your bottom line.

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Integration between treasury and business

Column Laurens Tijdhof

Integration between treasury and the wider business is a prerequisite for an effective and efficient treasury organization. The remit of the treasury function has changed in recent years so that treasury is now expected to be a much more proactive advisor to the company.

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Pressure on compliance due to regulatory changes

Since the Enron scandal and the resulting introduction of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), the pace of regulatory change has never lost momentum. On the back of the financial crises of 2008, more new regulations were introduced. The main objectives are to reduce (counterparty) risk and to increase (system) transparency. How can treasury use the necessary compliance process as an opportunity to increase corporate efficiency and reduce cost?

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Five steps to effectiveness

Setting up a successful counterparty risk management framework

Compared with only a few years ago, today’s corporate treasurers are exposed to a much greater variety of counterparty risks within both their supply chains and financial institutions. To create clearness in the increased complexity of managing counterparty risk, the following article provides guidance on how these counterparty risks can be effectively monitored and managed.

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Big global corporates stick with cash managers for now

Article Euromoney by Carol Dean with quotes of Zanders associate director Mark van Ommen, published January 8, 2014

While large companies continue to consolidate their cash management providers, fewer companies looked to change their banking relationships over the past year, according to Euromoney survey data.

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