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Is SEPA the perfect opportunity for implementing a payment factory?

Payment factories and SEPA are two of the most-discussed topics within corporate treasury in recent years. On gtnews alone there are over 230 articles on payment factories and over 500 articles on the single euro payments area (SEPA). In this article, the two topics are dealt with together. Firstly, we look at payment factories in general and then we determine whether SEPA can be used as a catalyst for reviewing and changing a corporate’s payment process, which might result in the implementation of a payment factory.

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The unavoidable opportunities of ISO 20022

Since the announcement of the SEPA end date, ISO 20022 is no longer a distant prospect but is now high on the agenda of many treasuries. On 1 February 2014, the majority of payments and direct debits in the euro zone will have to be processed as a SEPA payment. Much will change in the area of payments and ISO 20022 will be one of the biggest changes.

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Your remote control in bank account management

An increasing focus on bank account management is being observed among European corporate customers. Worldwide treasury trends such as centralization, standardization and the increasing independence of banks have been gathering pace for several years. These trends have spurred the implementation not only of traditional treasury management systems, but they have also driven an increase in centralized payment factories, bank rationalization plans and SWIFT connectivity solutions.

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New Treasury Realities

Expect strategic and operational roles to diverge

In the year ahead, the key developments in strategic cash and treasury management will be influenced by four ongoing global trends: standardization, centralization, virtualization and bank independence. The combination of these trends is likely to lead to dramatic changes by fostering a separation between the operational and strategic functions of treasury departments.

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SWIFT and Zanders Web Seminar on Working Capital Management

A wide audience from banks and corporates listened in on the first Swift Webinar.

A wide audience from banks and corporates listened in on the first Swift Webinar (30 March 2011). Bas Rebel, executive consultant at Zanders explained what impact the 2008 credit crisis and the new Basel III regulations can have on corporate working capital. He highlighted that in the past two years the cash conversion cycle slowed […]

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