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Total Loss Absorbing Capacity: the end of the bail-out?

Billions of euros of public funds were invested in systemically important institutions in order to sustain them at the height of the crisis. This was deemed an absolute one-off bail-out and the Financial Stability Board (FSB) introduced a proposal to end ‘too-big-to-fail’. Does this proposal effectively protect the tax payer or are we simply paying the burden in advance?

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RAROS: the dynamic tool that boosts shareholder value

In this article, Job Wolters looks at how companies can gain detailed insight into the risk-adjusted profitability of individual projects and transactions, and explains how the Risk Adjusted Return On Sales (RAROS) concept can benefit your bottom line.

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Integration between treasury and business

Column Laurens Tijdhof

Integration between treasury and the wider business is a prerequisite for an effective and efficient treasury organization. The remit of the treasury function has changed in recent years so that treasury is now expected to be a much more proactive advisor to the company.

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Treasury as a strategic business partner

“I've heard a lot about making sure treasury is a strategic partner to the business. Can you clarify what steps treasurers can take to achieve this and what are the benefits?”

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Developments in Financial Supply Chain Management

Opportunities to Grasp

The Paypers  has launched the fourth edition of the E-invoicing, Supply Chain Finance & E-billing Market Guide, the most complete resource for the global e-invoicing, supply chain finance and ebilling ecosystem, mapping out the most recent trends and developments, success stories and industry players.

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