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Asset Quality Review as a next step to build confidence in European Banks

In preparation for the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), the ECB will start a validation of all major banks in Europe as of November 2013.

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Plodding along: plus ça change…

Think what you want of the world’s financial regulators, but at least their response to the past crises has been crystal clear: please carry on just as before! The Bank of Internal Settlements (BIS), charged with providing direction to banking regulation within our globalizing world, produces research and consequential guidelines at top speed to ensure we gather more data and generate more statistics.

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Basel III: Highlights and Potential Responses by Corporates

The Bank for International Settlements’ (BIS) capital requirements for banks, also known as Basel III, impact on a wide variety of stakeholders.  It's not only the banks that are keen to take note of the additions to the Basel II Accord, but their corporate clients also want to understand the implications. This article examines the various effects on corporates and their treasury departments, and also provides some suggestions on how to cope with the consequences of the Basel III capital adequacy regime.

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The relative world of correlations

Kurt Winkelmann (MSCI) on macro risk, trend growth and pension schemes

To many people, MSCI is known for its World Indices. But as a leading provider of investment decision support tools, MSCI offers software to companies, helping them to analyze financial markets such as the pension market. In December of 2012, Kurt Winkelmann, global head of research at MSCI, visited the Netherlands and the Zanders head office – a perfect opportunity to introduce this world player to the readers of Zanders Magazine.

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Mortgage lenders’ behavior models require updating

In 2012 the Dutch Minister of Finance informed the Lower House of a number of measures concerning the interest rate policy of providers of mortgage credit.

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