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Expert Opinion: Leo Uittenbogaard: Keeping it real

Amsterdam School of Real Estate

How much grip does your company currently have on the value and risks of its real estate? The industry-specific regulations and circumstances are changing so rapidly that it might be time to brush up on real estate management.

So let’s see what the Amsterdam School of Real Estate has to offer.

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How solid is your credit ratings framework?

Credit rating philosophy and framework

Financial institutions must pull out all the stops to meet the more stringent requirements for risk management.

Having a solid credit ratings and portfolio management framework is crucially important. But how consciously are they tackling the task? Do they really know how appropriate and consistent the rating models are on which they base and control risks?

And do financial institutions know what is going on behind the figures on their dashboards?

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The advantages of hedge accounting

An interest swap is a practical way of covering interest rate risks. Provided that a number of rules are observed, it is permissible to use hedge accounting in such cases.

In this article, senior consultant Mark van den Berg explains the advantages of hedge accounting with the help of an example from the business community.

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Health service in flux

Developments Healtcare institutions

The Dutch healthcare sector is in flux. The newspapers report on new developments almost on a daily basis.

In the previous issue of Zanders Magazine we argued that the credit crisis came at the wrong time for this sector: precisely at the moment when the risks are increasing, the banks reduce their lending.

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Partner: SG Automatisering

Down to business, northern style

As an IT service provider operating across the Netherlands, SG|automatisering (SG) has been working for nearly 30 years for property managers, local authorities and healthcare institutions.

The paths of Zanders and SG cross regularly. They are a  well-matched couple. “Like Zanders, we prefer to let our results speak for themselves,” explains Alexander Zaal, a manager at SG.

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