FAUC® assessment

How to deal with increased complexity and uncertainties as an organization

FAUC® assessment

In the spring edition of Zanders Magazine we briefly described the scientific theory behind our Framework for Acting under Uncertainty and Complexity (FAUC®), a framework that assesses complexity and uncertainty. This is an important topic for many organizations that has only received more and more attention worldwide. Now, we offer organizations our first practical application in the form of a concrete product, the FAUC® Assessment Report. Based on our specialized framework, this report describes and analyzes the weaknesses of an organization that make it vulnerable to future uncertainties and (both positive and negative) surprises.

The underlying FAUC® framework developed by GloComNet has already been applied to various organizations in recent years. The FAUC® framework is based on five characteristics necessary for an organization to combat increasing uncertainties and complexity. These characteristics are: Entrepreneurial, Alert, Adaptive, Resilient and Creative. Together, these characteristics illustrate the dynamic qualities of the organization; it must be able to act in a changing environment.

Interactive sessions

Risk is a situation of which you know all the possible outcomes. This makes risk measurable and thus manageable, predictable and insurable. This does not apply to uncertainty. The uncertainties of an organization are not easily captured by a model. However, an organization can learn how to deal with uncertainties. In collaboration with GloComNet, we developed the FAUC® Assessment Report to apply this framework to workshops at various national governments, NGOs, multinationals, construction companies and financial institutions.

Since mid-last year, the FAUC® framework has been jointly developed into the FAUC® assessment. The assessment has then been elaborated and extensively tested and validated on a large number of entities.

The methodology is partly based on the Theory of Human Action and Interaction (THAI) and can be performed individually, within teams or organizationwide. The approach is interactive; we extract strengths and weaknesses of the organization through engaging sessions, which have an important impact on the effectiveness and fitness of the organization.

Concrete action points

The FAUC® assessment analyzes the health of an organization by examining its strengths and weaknesses, based on the five mentioned dynamic characteristic. By examining these abilities through an extensive survey and qualitative sessions, insights emerge and enable the organization to identify concrete action points. With these action points, the organization can strengthen its capabilities and respond effectively to the complexity and uncertainties that bring about the many changes in this world.