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Whitepaper The Future of Corporate Treasury

Corporate treasury is skilled at dealing with change. A large part of its job is managing the risk associated with cyclical trends, global regulatory initiatives, and geopolitical and macroeconomic events.

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Meet Zanders at the EuroFinance Conference 2019

This year, the three-day EuroFinance International Treasury Management Conference starts on 16 October in Copenhagen, the Danish capital. It is the world’s leading international treasury event, with a sophistication, level of expertise and networking opportunities that are unrivalled by any other event of its kind. Like its slogan says, it ‘brings together the brightest minds in treasury’. We are therefore delighted to be sponsoring this conference.

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Treasury Going Global

Best Practices to Support International Expansion

As international economic activity continues to increase, many organisations actively seek opportunities to further expand their operations through global trading relationships. For treasurers, this expansion can be both exciting and terrifying. In fact, company growth presents as many challenges as it does opportunities. The pressures of international expansion have the very real tendency to magnify current shortcomings, even in core activities, as well as presenting new challenges for the treasury department. This article explores both the benefits and potential pitfalls.

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2013 Treasury Risk Survey

Report of Survey Results - gtnews in collaboration with Zanders

Zanders Treasury & Finance Solutions (Zanders) is pleased to present the gtnews 2013 Treasury Risk Survey. This survey has been conducted in close co-operation with the Association for Financial Professionals® (AFP)/gtnews. I would like to thank them for the opportunity to work with them on this interesting topic. I also thank all respondents who shared […]

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Helping Hand

Frank Hand - APG Asset Management

Frank Hand has been working in the financial world for more than 20 years. This risk specialist has been working for APG on behalf of Zanders Interim Services since October 2009 and has already worked on three fascinating risk-related projects.

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