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“The twilight zone is much larger than market optimists like to admit”

Professor Antoon Pelsser shares his opinion on Solvency II

In 2009, the European Council and the European Parliament adopted the Second Directive aimed at improving supervision on European insurance companies: Solvency II. The ‘total balance sheet’ approach, at which assets and liabilities are reported at fair market value, should provide supervisory agents a better insight on the financial health of insurers. Professor Antoon Pelsser, of Maastricht University, an expert on risk management, has conducted research on the asset and liability management of insurance companies. He shares his observations on Solvency II.

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Hedging the unhedgeable longevity risk

Unexpected increases in longevity

Considering the illiquid nature of these swaps, along with the imbalance between the buyers and the sellers, these are still early days for this market

Unexpected increases in longevity raise the costs for life insurance companies. Longevity risk occurs when people living longer than expected.

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Reform in the OTC derivatives market

In 2010, the European Commission (EC) made a number of proposals concerning reform in the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives market. The EC is of the opinion that OTC derivatives contributed to the worldwide contagion of the crisis in the American housing market. The results of the reform should deliver a safer and more effi cient OTC market in order to reduce these systemic risks.

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Benefit from inflation

with bonds, swaps, caps and floors

The problem of inflation is nearly as old as currency itself, and inflation-linked products have been around for centuries as well. In this article, consultant Rogier Galesloot discusses the history of inflation-linked products and shows how inflation-linked bonds, swaps, and caps/floors can be of interest to an organization or institution looking to hedge against inflation. 

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Illiquid instruments

How to price illiquid or OTC instruments at market value

It’s hard to put a value on some things (think a loyal friend or a sunny day) but financial instruments shouldn’t fall into that category.

This article takes a look at calculating pricing for illiquid or OTC instruments not quoted by market services such as Reuters or Bloomberg.

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