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Lease Accounting for Treasurers: 5 Lessons Learned

Challenges due to new lease accounting standard

On Wednesday 20 May, Zanders and the Association for Finance Professionals (AFP) held a webinar titled ‘Don’t get left behind: understand the incremental borrowing rate (IBR)’. The audience was updated on implementation and operational challenges that treasurers face due to the new lease accounting standard. We summarize the five lessons learned from the webinar.

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Monetary policy during these challenging Covid-19 crisis times

High levels of leverage make companies more vulnerable

The Covid-19 outbreak has put an enormous pressure on central banks to come up with a plan to save the global economy. While their focus is mainly on the same tools used in 2008, there are calls to revisit traditional monetary policies in light of the changed economic environment.

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Managing working capital in times of disruption

Treasurers need to reassess liquidity and funding needs

The disruption to the global economy through the first quarter of 2020, caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, presents a unique challenge for finance and treasury teams. Unlike previous episodes of market stress or disruption, the impact of the coronavirus is heading into uncharted territory and may continue for some months, with implications for how organizations manage working capital and supply chains.

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Regional optimization in times of corona

Treasury optimization in Asia, Part III

Just as growing companies plan to expand their operations internationally, corporate treasurers seek to identify new opportunities and take on challenges. The two seem to go hand in hand, as new challenges and difficulties materialize around every corner. Certainly the most daunting challenge that the global economy has been presented with recently is the COVID-19 outbreak. The recent outbreak represents a global health emergency and the biggest challenge the global economy has faced in over a decade. The fact that very few saw it coming highlights the shortcomings companies, even successful ones, can face.

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Corona Crisis Readiness – Part I

How To Manage Your Treasury

The Covid-19 outbreak has brought many organizations to re-think their business models, processes and technologies at an unparalleled level and pace in order to prepare for unprecedented changes.

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