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Preparing for 2019: six key questions for treasury professionals

With a new year approaching rapidly, we could of course look back and evaluate the past year. However, it is closer to the nature of a treasury professional to look ahead!

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The six treasury priorities for 2015

Based on our ongoing discussions with corporate clients

It is common practice for major banks, system vendors and consultants to start the new year with a communiqué describing the most recent trends and innovations in the treasury arena. Zanders observes that the treasurer's agenda for 2015 is determined by a mix of burning issues, continuing compliance matters as well as ongoing projects which can be considered part of longer-term trends. Each of these topics has their own level of priority, depending on the company-specific situation.

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Corporate challenges

How to deal with payment fraud and cyber crime?

In the past few years, many companies have centralized their payment processes by setting up a payment factory. The main focus of these types of projects is often on change management and technical implementation. This means that operational risk and control issues, which arise when the execution of payments is transferred from several local entities to one central entity, do not always get the attention they deserve. Operational risks that can be identified relate to payment fraud (internal risk) and cyber crime (external risk). How should companies deal with these challenges? In this article, two experts provide their points of view.

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Community matters: meeting global challenges

An interview with Jim Kaitz (AFP)

Jim Kaitz, president and CEO at the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP), is a well-known face in the corporate treasury industry in North America. While the AFP’s reach is already global and becoming increasingly so, Kaitz’s vision for the organization remains firmly grounded in its close relationship with its members. We asked him about his vision for the organization and his views on the challenges the treasury and financial industry is facing.

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Trends or hype?

Treasury in development

Many articles claim to describe the most recent trends in a certain field. Our field of treasury, risk and finance is undergoing major changes and it seems as if one trend is blending into the next. But with so many changes can we really still talk about individual ‘trends’, or are certain developments just subject to a great deal of hype?

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