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How to setup a Vendor Supply Chain Finance Process in SAP

Vendor Supply Chain Finance (SCF) constitutes the transfer of a (trade) payable position towards the SCF underwriter (i.e. the bank). The beneficiary of the payment can then decide either to receive an invoice payment on due date or to receive the funds before, at the cost of a pre-determined fee.

The debtor’s bank account will only be debited on due date of the payable; hence the bank finances the differential between the due date and the actual payment date towards the beneficiary for this pre-determined fee. This article elaborates on why and how corporates set-up an SCF scheme with their suppliers.

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On the move for an Operational Resilience Framework

Currently, for many organizations, operational resilience is at the top of the agenda of the Board and senior management. The COVID-19 pandemic clearly showed how vulnerable societies and organizations can be to unexpected and unforeseen events.

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How can treasury become a sustainable function?

There is more than green financing

As sustainability is gaining momentum as a business priority, numerous corporates are re-assessing their business models and strategic goals. One of the key subjects in this re-assessment is the implementation of tangible and transparent Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into the business.

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What are strategic implications of ultra-low interest rates?

Economists of earlier eras would not have imagined today’s world is possible. Policy interest rates are around or below zero, while European governments and corporates issue long-term bonds at negative yields.

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Calmer conditions prevailing in European debt markets boost primary activity

‘Turbulent’ is a good way to describe the current financial markets. We feel that now is the right time to provide you with the latest insights on the European sovereign markets, primary activity in European debt markets and the financial robustness of financial institutions.

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