Zanders’ SAP Summer College
  • July 16, 2020
    July 30, 2020
    August 13, 2020
  • Online

Zanders’ SAP Summer College

A deep dive into optimization of treasury processes

This Summer, Zanders in collaboration with SAP will organise three Summer Classes on important topics being Cash Management and Cash Flow Forecasting, Payment Factory Optimization and Treasury Process Optimization. The Summer Classes will be organized via webinars. In each 45-minute webinar Zanders will explain about best practises on the topic and SAP will elaborate on their latest offerings to support the processes with a focus on accelerated and cloud-based deployments.

Webinar 1: Cash management and cash flow forecasting using SAP

In the first 45-minute webinar Zanders will elaborate on the best practices around cash management, including bank account management and cash positioning. Next to this Zanders will elaborate on the different approaches to cash flow forecasting depending on the objective of the forecast. Furthermore, SAP will explain how their functionalities can best be utilized to support these cash management and cash flow forecasting processes. Functionalities explained by SAP will be amongst others SAP Cash management and SAP Analytics Cloud.

Date: Thursday 16 July
Time: 10:00 AM CEST / 15:00 PM CEST
Speakers: Judith van Paassen (Partner at Zanders), Pieter Sermeus (Senior Manager at Zanders) and Christian Mnich (VP, Head of Solution Management Treasury and Working Capital Management at SAP)

Webinar 2: Payment factory optimization using SAP

The second 45-minute webinar will elaborate on bank connectivity, especially on the payment processing. In this webinar Zanders will explain how payment processes can be centralized, standardized and automated, bank connectivity can be further standardized and secured and the cash management structure can be setup to support the organization in an efficient way. These cash management structures will include the setup of zero balance cash pools as well as using virtual accounts. In addition, SAP will elaborate on the functionalities that are in place to support these processes amongst which are SAP Cash Management, cloud-based service SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity as well as dedicated Payment Factory capabilities supported by SAP In-House Cash and SAP Advanced Payment Management.

Date: Thursday 30 July
Time: 10:00 AM CEST / 15:00 PM CEST
Speakers: Judith van Paassen (Partner at Zanders), Ivo Postma (Director at Zanders) and Christian Schmid (Customer Solution Advisor Treasury EMEA at SAP)

Webinar 3: Treasury process optimization using SAP

In the third 45-minute webinar Zanders will start with the Zanders risk management framework, which includes the risk identification, risk measurement, the policy and execution process. Within the execution process, the whole deal life-cycle will be followed, starting from the registration of the exposure, creating a deal request, hedging this request via a trading platform and accounting for the trades. Furthermore, SAP will elaborate on how to automate these processes with their Treasury and Risk Management module, including the SAP Hedge Management Cockpit and cloud-based service SAP Trading Platform Integration.

Date: Thursday 13 August
Time: 10:00 AM CEST / 15:00 PM CEST
Speakers: Laura Koekkoek (Partner at Zanders), Jonathan Tomlinson (Director at Zanders) and Christian Schmid (Customer Solution Advisor Treasury EMEA at SAP)

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