Webinar ‘New insights into intercompany finance: the impact of COVID and a solution for cash pooling rates’
  • June 2, 2020
  • Webinar

Webinar ‘New insights into intercompany finance: the impact of COVID and a solution for cash pooling rates’

Intercompany finance experts have experienced two major gamechangers since the start of this year: the outbreak of the COVID pandemic and the new OECD transfer pricing guidelines for financial transactions. This webinar will zoom in on these two topics and how they shape new best practices in intercompany finance and treasury.

The ongoing COVID crisis is putting increasing strain on many groups’ external financing and on intra-group financial resources. Many subsidiaries are progressively relying on group resources for their funding. These changes in liquidity needs within the group may upset the balance which has been in place so far and impact intercompany transfer pricing policies and contracts. In addition, credit rating downgrades of the group may also impact stand-alone ratings of subsidiaries and subsequent pricing.

Intercompany financial instruments such as cash pools, loans and guarantees face increased tax scrutiny in the years to come following the February 2020 publication of the OECD. In order to complement the current transfer pricing solution, Zanders Inside started the development of a cash pooling solution to help groups further automate their interest rate setting within a cash pool or in-house bank. The solution aims to calculate synergies arising from the cash pooling structure as well as to distribute them between the cash pool leader and participants. In addition to transfer pricing compliance, the solution will be able to highlight and identify structural balances, providing improved intercompany insights for both tax and treasury professionals.

The webinar will give detailed insights on the main elements which are currently impacting multinationals and their intercompany financing processes. In addition, guidance will be given on how groups may mitigate the impact on intercompany financial transactions. Lastly, the webinar will give insight into the cash pooling solution that Zanders Inside is currently developing, which will allow groups to further automate their transfer pricing compliance.

Date: Tuesday 2nd of June
Time: 11:00 CEST / 10:00 BST

In case of questions, please send an email to Melanie Beirens or give us a call +32 35 020 710.

Laurens Casimir Leuridan
Laurens Tijdhof
Partner at Zanders
Melanie Beirens
Senior Consultant at Zanders
Casimir Leuridan
Manager at Zanders