AFP 2021
  • November, 7-10
  • Virtual and Washington DC, USA

AFP 2021

Inspiration from top-notch keynote speakers.

Sessions and roundtables to keep you on top of treasury and finance. AFP 2021 is an integrated, in-person and virtual event, giving you the option to connect face-to-face to find a solution or dive deep with virtual sessions to jumpstart that big idea. Learn more via the AFP 2021 website.

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  1. The Digital Transformation of Corporate Treasury in 2021 and Beyond
    Paul DeCrane, Zanders

    Against a backdrop of new business models, changing regulations, increased competition from the digital natives and an increasing focus on real time, change and uncertainty have become the new normal. Furthermore, the COVID pandemic has accelerated the momentum towards the Digital First strategy as companies look to stay competitive and relevant in the current environment. However, the current technology landscape contains a tsunami of innovative technologies that are available now and just on the horizon.

    Join this session as we take a closer look at the key technologies that can elevate Treasury ons the journey towards Digital Transformation and hear from your peers on the long-term wins and pitfalls to avoid.

    Learning Objectives:
    – Gain an understanding of the emerging technology applicable to Treasury Departments today and their uses cases.
    – Establish a roadmap for your Digital Journey, build the business case and how it can enhance the strategic value to the organization.

  2. Thinking differently with technology: driving a real-time treasury transformation
    Sibren Schilders, Zanders

    New technology is continually being promoted to CFOs and Treasurers as the path to digital transformation, hyperautomation, and real-time business intelligence. Artificial intelligence, RPA, and APIs are potentially groundbreaking but without a data-driven strategy these are apps in search of a problem.

    In this session, we are going to think differently – about data, technology, and treasury transformation. We will explore how APIs unlock a matrix of new technology that can meaningfully improve treasury automation, intelligence, and real-time decisions, using payments as a backdrop. The panel will share multiple viewpoints on technology transformation for real-time payments, fraud protection, governance and cost reduction.

    If you’re curious about what AI and machine learning should accomplish, if your treasury needs RPA bots, or wonder how technology is going to protect your team against payments fraud – this is the session for you.

    Learning Objectives:
    – Attendees will take away a more detailed understanding of the payment journey from a corporate
    viewpoint and will learn the common new requirements emerging in today’s payment landscape
    – Attendees will learn from new use cases for emerging technology, including artificial intelligence, APIs, business intelligence and more

For more information, please feel free to contact Paul DeCrane, tel: +1 312 953 4075 or visit the conference website.