ACT annual conference 2020
  • October 5-8, 2020
  • Virtual

ACT annual conference 2020

Balancing risk: Championing sustainable growth

The ACT annual conference will focus, this year, on the key part risk plays in any treasurer’s day to day role – a topic that has never been so relevant. Treasurers have always focused on balancing financial risks and opportunities as well as managing uncertainty while remaining profitable. However, increasingly new disruptors are appearing – whether that be the global pandemic, new geo-political challenges or shifts in business and consumer behaviour.

In terms of sustainable growth, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is now well and truly in the mainstream having accelerated through the current COVID-19 crisis and has huge ramifications for organisations large and small. ESG encompasses a wide range of areas including people, technology, regulation, supply-chain procurement and communities. Treasurers need to extend their existing risk frameworks to incorporate key ESG concerns and contribute to the strategic corporate direction.

The conference will focus on how treasurers can balance financial risks and opportunities, now and in the future, while ensuring business growth and sustainability.

We are proud sponsor of the virtual ACT Annual Conference 202o.

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