Bank connectivity for Unilever:

convenience, benefit and improvement

Bank connectivity for Unilever: convenience, benefit t and improvement The products of multinational Unilever are obtainable worldwide. The company sells brands including Calvé, Ben & Jerry’s, Ola, Robijn and Rexona to large customers like Albert Heijn and Wal-Mart, but also to small mom-and-pop shops in cities like Mumbai and Cape Town. Thanks to SWIFT it has become a lot easier to manage the amounts paid by these large and small customers.

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A healthcare first: hospital has structured loan guaranteed

Guaranteed loan for Sint Franciscus hospital is a litmus test for the sector

Sint Franciscus Gasthuis (SFG) is a Rotterdam hospital that is financing a major renovation with a EUR 50 million loan.

Zanders assisted SFG in this complex process. It was complex because of the difficult economic climate, because of legislation and, last but not least, because of the use of a structured product new to the healthcare sector: a risky roll-over loan combined with risk-curtailing derivatives. But the loan will be guaranteed by the Healthcare Sector Guarantee Fund, or WfZ. This really is something new.

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Red Cross

Tailoring treasury best practice for humanitarian needs at the ICRC

When cash flows grew more than four-fold in the space of just a few years, the International Committee of the Red Cross realised it was time to reassess its financial structure and needs.

So how did Zanders devise a tailored treasury strategy review that best ensured security while enhancing global operations as well as optimising liquidity and FX risk management?

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SNS REAAL learns from the crisis

Managing solvency: structural improvements for future protection

It is old news that the credit crisis dealt a blow of unprecedented force to the solvency of banks and insurers. It is also known that SNS REAAL was one of the service providers that requested state aid to create a financial buffer. The company makes no secret of its bailout.

But SNS REAAL is now doing its utmost to be able to absorb such blows in future by means of its own assets. This includes a company-wide programme to structurally improve its management of solvency.

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Trudo brightens up the ‘City of Light’

Successful financing for Eindhoven’s industrial landmark

Eindhoven is changing from a sleepy provincial city into a vibrant, creative enclave. You can literally see the city changing. Everywhere in the “City of Light” industrial heritage is being made suitable for housing, employment, culture, and entertainment. One of the accelerators of this gradual transformation is the Trudo housing corporation.

Zanders helped Trudo find financing to acquire and renovate the imposing Klokgebouw, an industrial icon in Eindhoven. It marked the start of a far larger operation.

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