More power for energy exchange

Zanders supports APX-ENDEX in Belpex merger

The European Union is well on its way to becoming a single integrated energy market. More and more gas and electricity markets are being interconnected. The energy exchanges are joining in this trend. Thus the Dutch-British APX-ENDEX merged with the Belgian Belpex in 2010. The exchanges themselves organized the merger structure, while Zanders helped with the implementation.

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Trust in a sustainable relationship at Gasunie NV

The cash must flow as smoothly as the gas

Since the start of the economic crisis, many organizations have placed client friendliness high on their agenda. Marketeers know that it requires 70% more effort to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one. Relationships are formed with good clients; and those with whom you form relationships become ambassadors. Zanders cherishes its ambassadors and, consequently, invests in relationship management, quality and personal contact. One of these ambassadors is Nederlandse Gasunie NV in Groningen.

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Auxiliary model for analyzing the market value of Delta Lloyd Bank mortgages

Home and dry with the Amstelhuys mortgage figures

When IFRS was introduced, Delta Lloyd Bank decided to value its mortgage portfolio at fair value and enter it directly on the balance sheet. That worked well but when the credit crisis came, the portfolio started to show larger value fluctuations according to the model than was the case in practice. Delta Lloyd Bank wanted an auxiliary valuation model to explain those differences and so they brought in Zanders.

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How Zanders assisted Eigen Haard in the acquisition of a new site on the city’s waterfront

An industrial plant is set to become Amsterdam’s fashionable new hot spot

A large industrial complex on the north bank of Amsterdam’s IJ waterfront was recently bought by Eigen Haard housing association for EUR17.5 million. Having renamed the site – the former mechanical engineering plant of Stork Food & Dairy Systems –, ‘De Overkant’, Eigen Haard intends to create a new, creative hot spot. Zanders worked with the housing association on preparing its business case and the bidding process.

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DFM takes its payment transactions up a gear

Zanders drives the search for a new outsourcing partner

DFM is a finance and insurance company that specializes in the automotive industry. The company provides financial services for this sector, up to and including payment transactions.

The introduction of SEPA meant that a change in payment transaction servies provider was necessary. But what kind of party would be suitable to a nonstandard company in the new, strongly standardization-oriented environment? Assisted by Zanders, DFM went in search of a new outsourcing partner.

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