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Gasunie in transit

Gasunie has managed the Dutch gas network since 1963, when natural gas was first produced at Slochteren. In recent years the energy mix has changed, with the focus now more on sustainable energy sources. But Gasunie has maintained its involvement, capitalizing on the key role that gas plays in the current energy transition. The changing strategy of this gas distributor has also had a bearing on the activities of its treasury department.

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New financing for special potato products

Lamb Weston/Meijer’s refinancing for growth

In 2014, Lamb Weston/Meijer, a major manufacturer of potatoes with roots in both the US and the Netherlands, decided to expand its capacity with a new production line for its specialty products. Arranging the necessary financing provided a good opportunity for evaluating its cooperation with existing finance providers.

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The taste of success: Acomo’s new business partners

More than 400 years after the Dutch East India Company was set up, Acomo, a group of seven trading companies, deals in products which are reminiscent of the golden age of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. In order to grow towards the future, the group wanted to create a new starting point for its financing.

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Zanders assists in MBO of Spant! theater

Spant! in Bussum is one of the best known theaters in the Netherlands. Managing director Paul Haighton and financial director Bert Dijkstra have recently taken over the running of this cultural venue and conference center from the municipality of Bussum. It was the first management buyout (MBO) of its kind in the Netherlands.

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