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Financing structure for audiological care

Bank and insurer pay heed to Pento’s perspective

The regulatory changes in the healthcare sector have put smaller establishments with specific care functions in a tight corner. Audiological centers, such as those run by Pento, are among them. In audiological care, the outlay precedes the benefits, yet the bank is setting more stringent financing conditions. How is Pento dealing with this?

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Financial injection

VUmc can finance ambitious plans despite difficult market

The VU University Medical Center (VUmc) has an ambitious investment agenda. Despite the difficult market, the hospital concluded an excellent financing deal with a bank consortium.

Zanders supported the VUmc in finding the right financing and assisted the hospital in its negotiations.

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A healthcare first: hospital has structured loan guaranteed

Guaranteed loan for Sint Franciscus hospital is a litmus test for the sector

Sint Franciscus Gasthuis (SFG) is a Rotterdam hospital that is financing a major renovation with a EUR 50 million loan.

Zanders assisted SFG in this complex process. It was complex because of the difficult economic climate, because of legislation and, last but not least, because of the use of a structured product new to the healthcare sector: a risky roll-over loan combined with risk-curtailing derivatives. But the loan will be guaranteed by the Healthcare Sector Guarantee Fund, or WfZ. This really is something new.

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