Christian Veldhuijzen

Consultant, Financial Institutions

Zanders is a professional organisation full of talented people, who also know how to have fun

Looking for a thesis internship

When my master thesis came closer, I started looking for a thesis internship. I really wanted to write a more practical thesis at a company instead of an academic thesis. I had already heard some good stories about Zanders, so I decided to visit one of their Inhouse Days. During the Inhouse Day in Bussum I informed about the possibilities of writing my thesis at Zanders. After talking to some very enthusiastic people who had also written their thesis at Zanders, I was convinced Zanders was the right place for me to apply.

So, the next day I applied and shortly after that I had my first interview set up. Within a few weeks I had an interesting real-world thesis subject and a position as Thesis Intern at Zanders. An unexpected bonus was that I would actually work on my thesis at the client.

Working at Zanders as an intern

Besides my thesis I also worked on internal projects and a project for another client. My internship gave me the perfect opportunity to get to know Zanders as a professional organisation full of talented people, who also know how to have fun. From the start I felt like a part of the Zanders family and as an intern you get the opportunity to fully participate in the organisation.

Start of my career as a Consultant

Now my master’s in quantitative finance is finished I started to work as a consultant and joined the Zanders Talent Program. With an international group of peers, we dive deeper in the world of Risk Management. Currently I’m working at a medium sized bank with four Zanders colleagues. At the bank we work together with internal and other external parties to find the best solution for the bank. Looking back, I made the right call to travel all the way to Bussum to visit Zanders’ Inhouse Day.

Study: Master Quantitative Finance, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)
Consultant at Zanders since: 2018

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