Siska van Hees

Manager, Financial Institutions

At Zanders there are many smart people who bring the knowledge they have into practice, and create pragmatic, clear solutions for a client.

After my Bachelors and Masters in Mathematics, I started as an Analyst in 2012 at Zanders. During my Master studies, I was looking for a job that put my education into practise so I visited some student events to meet with companies that could offer such an experience. At ‘De beroependagen’ (recruitment fair), where Zanders was present, I approached one of the recruiters for more information about the Analyst position.

My colleagues

At Zanders there are many smart people who bring the knowledge they have into practice, and create pragmatic, clear solutions for a client. Furthermore, working at Zanders means working with people from different cultural and geographic backgrounds, which adds something special. This diversity improves my English speaking and writing skills.

Not only is the work and atmosphere nice, Zanders is also a good company to work for from a social perspective. I was able to participate in many events, from a mud race to a golf weekend with my colleagues. In addition to the fun activities, I was also able to work on many internal projects, such as recruitment events. I was able to contribute in developing a new student case and an escape room for students, which was a lot of fun to do!

Develop yourself

I started as an Analyst and was able to work on the Valuation Desk, a department within Zanders that works on valuing derivatives. This Analyst position provided me an in-depth knowledge of valuing derivatives, which also helps in valuing other financial products, but also gave me the opportunity to identify if working as a consultant could be something for me. Besides the intellectual interest in risk management, the atmosphere at the office is very motivating; not only professionally but also on a more personal level.

Shape your own career

Zanders is a relatively small company that stimulates more entrepreneurial behaviour, which makes the job diverse and not deterministic from the start. Every new consultant will have their own ‘path’ created by him/herself, their managers, and the firm’s partners . Beside this, you also have the opportunity to follow courses and trainings which will increase your knowledge and soft skills. I increased my knowledge on risk management to quantify risk factors in a pragmatic way, suiting the wishes of the client.

Study: Master Mathematics, University of Utrecht
Consultant at Zanders since: 2013

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