The search is on

The search is on

Zanders is growing.

Zanders is growing. There are now 140 people serving clients from Zanders offi ces in London, Brussels, Zurich and Bussum. Zanders’ ambition for substantial growth over the next fi ve years requires the professional and structured recruitment and selection of professionals. That is why Liza Wyatt joined Zanders as corporate recruiter this February.

An exciting challenge awaits Liza Wyatt. She has to search for the right people for Zanders from quite a small pool. Corporate recruiting has not received the attention it deserves as, in previous years, Zanders found the right people mainly through the grapevine. “There was hardly any need to advertise”, explains Wyatt. That has to change, because Zanders needs a considerable amount of new blood – an additional 75 people in four to fi ve years – in order to continue to provide an optimum service to clients in the future and also to ensure a good work/life balance. That is why Wyatt was busy in the fi rst months at Zanders discussing and collecting information. “Of course I wanted to get to know the company well. And I have made an extensive inventory of the employment market. At the same time I’ve been approaching my own network and keeping an eye on the market.”

Who and why

Prior to working at Zanders, Wyatt worked for companies including Cititec Associates and Recruit 121 where she sought, respectively, financial and SAP professionals. “My work is about more than just fi nding people”, she explains, on the basis of her international recruitment experience. “Trying to fi nd out the kind of people we need, and why, which is certainly just as important. Do we need a lot of graduates? Or do we need senior people who are more expensive but can do the job immediately? What kind of company do we want to be in fi ve years time? These are important questions.”

Wyatt’s focus is fi rst and foremost on the Netherlands and Belgium. For Germany and Switzerland she is supported by a German recruiter who has a large network. At the moment, she’s approaching the British market mainly via LinkedIn. “In the UK, LinkedIn is the tool for this work”, explains Wyatt, daughter of a British father and a Dutch mother. “You do notice in the UK that people look around for other work a lot more than in the Netherlands, for example. For recruitment you do have to be continually one step ahead of the game. We can’t just sit back and relax. As an organization you have to be assertive in this quickly changing environment.”

Holistic approach

She has been working at Zanders now for just half a year. What is the profi le of the typical Zanders colleague according to Wyatt? “We’re looking for highly-educated people who enjoy being challenged and want to learn more. People who see complexity as a challenge and, at the same time, are business-minded go-getters; professionals who can get things done. I strive for an holistic approach in which we utilize various channels in order to find the right people, based on a clear vision for the future.”

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