Trailer on complexity
  • Thursday, 9 March 2017

Trailer on complexity

Further to our announcement in September 2016, Zanders has entered into a partnership with the Global Complexity Network (GloComNet) and is pleased to introduce the collaboration with this short video clip.

Taking action in the midst of a complex reality with an uncertain future is one of today’s most difficult – but crucial – management challenges.


GloComNet is a global practitioners’ network that aims to understand and apply social complexity and deal with uncertainty. GloComNet cooperates with partners and institutions in various disciplines and is associated with the University of Groningen (RUG).

Complexity & uncertainty

Social complexity and uncertainty have an increasing impact on organizational activity and our social and working lives. Complementary to traditional techniques, it is crucial to have a different approach in dealing with the current and future challenges.

Complexity theory asserts that the world is not mechanical or stable, but rather that it is interconnected and constantly evolving. Unexpected events such as Brexit can cause current patterns – however stable they may seem to be – to shift into something new, and lead to a future we did not foresee. The great impact of these complexities and uncertainties is the reason for our partnership with GloComNet.

Zanders and GloComNet co-operate on creating new services and products related to risk management practices by, for example, stress testing and scenario thinking. We are now ready to act and support organizations actively in their challenge to stay viable in the future. We bridge the gap between science and practice in order to support organizations, communities and urban places to be fit for the future.

The trailer shows how our collaboration has progressed and why it is necessary to make sure your organization is able to deal with complexity and uncertainty.

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