Zanders opens in Zurich

New office in Switzerland

Zanders opens in Zurich

Following Bussum, Brussels and London, from 1 April 2010, Zanders will also have an office in Zürich, Switzerland. Sander van Tol, the Zanders partner overseeing the opening of the office, is already very enthusiastic.

“Our Swiss office will provide the powerful combination of local treasury expertise and the typical Zanders approach of working from ideas to implementation.”

Opening a fourth European office is entirely in line with Zanders’ strategy. “We’ve always had a strong ambition to grow,” says Sander van Tol. “We’ve achieved a lot nationally in the 16 years of our existence.

All treasuries in The Netherlands now definitely know Zanders. It’s not such a big world. If you want to do still more, you automatically enter the international circuit. We’ve been speaking for many years at conferences and congresses in Europe and the United States and frequently provide training sessions there as well. The number of contracts from other countries is increasing too.

‘We want to be present in the countries where treasury is practiced at a high level and Switzerland is certainly one of those countries’


Roger DischRoger Disch (35) comes from Switzerland’s German-speaking region and is equally proficient in his country’s other national languages. He holds an Executive Masters degree in Corporate Finance (University of Lucerne) and a Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration (University of Applied Science St-Gall).

After almost eight years in management and business consulting, Roger also spent four years with PwC advising corporate clients and banks on the whole treasury value chain, financial and operating risk management as well as corporate-finance related topics.

In his leisure time he enjoys various kinds of sport (tennis, soccer, skiing, cross country skiing and ski touring) as well as cooking.

Roger joins Zanders as responsible managing director for the Zürich office.

Liam Ò CaoimhLiam Ò Caoimh (33), an Irish citizen, has been living and working in Zürich for five years. He previously spent five years at Bank of Ireland as an FX Dealer before moving to Switzerland where he worked in the European treasury center of Avery Dennison, responsible for risk management.

For the past two years he has worked with PwC’s treasury consultancy. He holds a B.Sc. in Finance, Computers and Enterprise from Dublin City University and is currently completing the ACT’s MCT program in London. He is married to Yvette and lives just outside Zürich city.

An avid sportsman, Liam plays ‘hurling’ (Ireland’s national game – a cross between field-hockey and rugby), golf, soccer and wants to do another marathon this year.

Sebastian BodemerSebastian Bodemer (29), originally from Germany, has lived and worked in Zürich for several years. That’s good news for Zanders, which plans to serve clients in Austria and Southern Germany from its Zürich office.

He holds a degree in finance from Cooperative State University Karlsruhe and is a certified Financial Risk Manager (GARP). Sebastian has been working as a treasury & financial risk management consultant for six years, advising banks, energy firms and corporates across Europe.

He specialized in asset-liability management as well as measuring and managing liquidity, market and credit risk. Apart from that, he also studies quantitative finance at the University of London.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar, soccer and reading.

“The major multinationals in particular never confine their reference framework to their national frontiers. They want to know what’s happening worldwide in the treasury field. So do we. Indeed, it’s something we must know given our status, in my opinion. Our international offices also offer terrific opportunities for the personal development of our staff .”

Treasury on top

“We don’t want to be a Dutch company with a few international customers, but rather an international company with global clients.” Under this banner Zanders took its first cross-border step about five years ago by opening an office in Brussels.

It proved a success: the team in the Belgian capital has grown in size from three to twelve members. Two years ago a branch office followed in London and shortly there will be another in Zürich.

“We want to be present in the countries where treasury is practiced at a high level and Switzerland is certainly one ofexplains Sander van Tol. He points to the leading Swiss companies and other multinationals that – for fiscal reasons – have offices and sometimes head offices in the Alpine country. “There are companies such as Nestlé, Philip Morris International and Ahold. And don’t forget international organizations such as the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross and a variety of international associations.”

The Alpine tulip

The opportunities for Zanders in Switzerland came into even sharper focus in 2009 when the firm won different pitches in the country within a short space of time. “It’s obviously great that we got those contracts, but it immediately increased the need to get to know the Swiss market better. That’s definitely a must if you want to cast yourself in the role of specialist,” explains Sander.

‘First and foremost these men understand the business, they speak the languages and they know the market.'

“We had already set up Project Alps to gain that know-how when we were suddenly approached by three treasury consultants from Zürich: Roger Disch, Liam Ò Caoimh and Sebastian Bodemer (see profiles). It hadn’t escaped their attention that our company had secured those jobs from The Netherlands and they asked whether they could work for us as a cooperating trio.

They even renamed their business plan Project Tulip,” smiles Sander. “A short time later I was sitting with them at Zürich airport exchanging ideas and it clicked between us. It was apparently meant to be.”

Down to work

Sander van Tol has a great deal of confidence in the three new Zanders consultants who will staff the Swiss office. “First and foremost they understand the business, they speak the languages and they know the market. But they also have the kind of hands-on mentality that we like at Zanders. They are solution-focused, creative and bursting with entrepreneurship.

Now we must make sure that they get the real Zanders identity.” For that reason, Sander van Tol will initially spend two days a week in Zürich to supervise the trio intensively and familiarize them with the Zanders working methods, means of communication,
history and customs.

Roger, Liam and Sebastian will also regularly travel to Bussum and will be deployed there alternately in different teams. ”It’s about finding the right balance between growth and control,” says Sander. “It’s also important for Zürich to become a solid office. As much as we might want to grow, it has to be done in a controlled way.”