Zanders is expanding

its UK office

Zanders is expanding

Three years since Zanders first established its office in London, three new members of staff are set to help consolidate the company’s presence, with the aim of becoming a household name in the UK market.

When Zanders first opened its office in London in 2008, its aim was to build upon the client base of treasury consultant David Kelin. At the time, Kelin said: “There is a great opportunity to grow the business here and our intention is to expand. There is plenty of consulting to be done, so our aim is to win new projects and hire new people.”

This strategy is now coming to fruition, with three new colleagues joining the London office. Two consultants from South Africa – Greg Ellis and David Power – have joined the team while Mark van Ommen will be permanently transferring to the UK from Zanders’ Bussum office as of 1 July 2011.

Van Ommen has worked at Zanders for the past six years and his main area of expertise is advising corporate clients on optimizing their treasury management landscape. He says: “I will continue to focus on this area from the UK office. I am really looking forward to this relocation because for me personally, it’s a great opportunity to progress my career.”

The expansion of the UK office is part of Zanders’ growth strategy. Van Ommen explains: “Zanders clearly stated several years ago that the company’s intention was not to be a Dutch consultancy for international clients, but rather there was a vision of becoming a truly international consultancy.”

“Zanders offers attractive career options to staff looking for a new challenge overseas.”

The company has been consistent in mapping out its presence throughout Europe according to this global vision. In 2006, Zanders partner Laurens Tijdhof moved to Brussels to open the first office outside the Netherlands. The UK office followed in 2008 and in 2010 an office in Switzerland was established.

Van Ommen believes that the offices in four different European countries is an advantage for Zanders when it comes to attracting and retaining staff. He says: “I think the fact that Zanders has offices in different countries will offer attractive career options to staff looking for a new challenge overseas. The possibility to relocate within the company provides an interesting opportunity to consultants on all levels.” He adds: “I think it will help to keep people on board in future and will offer another dimension to working at Zanders.” In accordance with this, the company has developed a standardised approach to relocation.

Van Ommen hopes that his move to the London office will be part of a further consolidation of the company’s work in the UK market: “Zanders is a relatively new name in the UK, so I am looking forward to what I see as the challenge for us to become a household name there. Zanders is the biggest independent treasury consultancy in Europe so we now need to build on that position in the UK.”