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Common system selection mistakes

Any system selection requires significant time to make the best investment decision, and the preparation work done prior to the decision leads to a smoother selection and, eventually, a better implementation.

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Trends in Treasury Universe 2017

embracing the new normal

2016 was an eventful year for all corporate treasurers. Even though corporates were expecting a recovery from the crisis in previous years, new events came into the picture.

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You’re wasting your time forecasting

If it takes you more than 30 minutes to update your global daily cash forecast, you need to evaluate the tools and methods in your cash forecasting process. If you still rely on Excel for cash forecasting, you need to adjust your entire cash forecast workflow.

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Fintech at full speed:

corporate treasury in pole position?

The term fintech has become a real buzzword. While until 2014, it mainly referred to new start-ups, nowadays, everyone wants to belong to the group of fintech companies. After all, the ‘ERP giants’ of today were once fintech companies too. But how does the practical applicability of fintech actually work for corporate treasury?

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Treasury tips and tricks

In Zanders treasury tips and tricks, we share eye-catching case studies from around the world, focusing on all aspects of treasury operations.

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