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The cloud and its hidden treasury

In recent years, cloud computing has become an important part of information technology. It is currently a buzzword among IT decision-makers, and the implementation of treasury management systems (TMSs) is no exception. In order to appreciate fully how the cloud can benefit an organization, it is necessary to understand what the cloud really is and what its different components are. 

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Treasury recipe

To cook a special meal, you need the right ingredients in the right quantities – without a recipe, the successful dinner you had in mind often doesn’t turn out quite as planned.

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Zanders and IT2

A partnership based on respect and independence

A partnership based on mutual respect and independence Zanders and IT2 Zanders has worked closely with IT2 since 2006 on various client implementation projects.

They are partners and yet both companies are proud of their independence.So how does this complementary yet unbrased relationship work?

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The art of implementation

Treasury management systems and project management

The success of a new treasury system stands or falls on its implementation. And the success of the implementation stands or falls on good project management.

But what exactly is good project management? And how does implementation take place generally speaking? We asked Laura Koekkoek, an experienced Zanders project manager.

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