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B2B fintech: Payments, supply chain finance & e-invoicing guide 2017

The Paypers has released a dedicated guide with global insights into the transaction banking, B2B payments, supply chain finance & e-invoicing markets.

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IFRS 16 Start early and avoid costly mistakes

IFRS 16 leases will be effective from 1 January 2019. The new standard will replace IAS 17. The deadline may seem far away, but because the implementation of IFRS 16 will have a significant impact on quite a range of companies, we advise to prepare early. Therefore it is important to put IFRS 16 already high on the agenda.

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Trends in Treasury Universe 2017

embracing the new normal

2016 was an eventful year for all corporate treasurers. Even though corporates were expecting a recovery from the crisis in previous years, new events came into the picture.

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The Capital Markets Union

One of the European Commission’s top priorities is to strengthen Europe’s economy and bolster investment to create jobs. One way of achieving this is to strengthen the capital markets so they can provide better access to funding as well as new sources of funding. That is why the Capital Markets Union (CMU) has been launched by the European Commission. The CMU’s ultimate goal is to achieve a single European market for capital. On the 30th of September, the first steps of the plan were published in the Capital Markets Union Action Plan.

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Trends and developments in treasury for 2016

Technological developments are succeeding one another at an unparalleled pace, and have a bigger impact on our personal and professional lives than ever before.

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