Compliant within a new risk management framework


The new EU directive regulating alternative investment funds management (AIFMD) meant that asset manager ACTIAM had to make substantial changes to its risk management, a major operation that had to be carried out in a short period of time.

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Argos: new oil for wheels of treasury

A best-practice implementation

In order to be able to integrate a number of activities and improve efficiency, the oil company Argos decided to implement a new treasury management system (TMS). They chose IT2 and were very satisfied with the result. This best-practice implementation provides an excellent example for other corporates, showing how such a project should be tackled.

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All energy into private banking

Evi Van Lanschot is the young face of the oldest bank.

At more than 275 years old, Van Lanschot is the oldest independent private bank in the Netherlands. With an eye on the rapidly changing market, last year the bank decided to change its strategy. Evi Van Lanschot is now the young face of the oldest bank and is focusing on the wealthy client of the future.

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The taste of success: Acomo’s new business partners

More than 400 years after the Dutch East India Company was set up, Acomo, a group of seven trading companies, deals in products which are reminiscent of the golden age of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. In order to grow towards the future, the group wanted to create a new starting point for its financing.

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Switch to standardization

GlobalCollect transfers to SWIFT Alliance Lite2 for Corporates

A transfer to a new system is usually a complicated and time-consuming process. This rings particularly true for a company like GlobalCollect, which processes hundreds of thousands of online transactions for banks all over the world on a daily basis. How did this payment service provider (PSP) tackle the complicated challenge of adopting SWIFT as its new system?

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